Boom (ft Pinky)

from by ZeCoop



Pinky on FAWM wanted to collaborate on one of my songs, but the song had already been claimed... so I had some fun on a Saturday night and came up with a really loud, really fast punk song...

Pinky ran with it and came up with some amazing lyrics and an awesome Punk-a-billy vocal. I love how this one turned out.

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Baby, baby, baby
You got me going so crazy
You know they won't take me alive
I got the basement barricaded
the staircase laid with razors
I'd like to see them come and try

My heart goes "boom,boom,boom"
Now the SWAT's in the room
And I better take cover for my love of you

Baby, baby, baby
You got the whole world shaking
But that ain't changing my mind
Plagues and earthquakes
Oh, Death's pale face
Couldn't take me out of the fight

My heart goes "boom,boom,boom"
Four horsemen of doom
And I watch my world crumble for the love of you

Baby, baby, baby
I think I'm starting to fade
Think I'll maybe lay down for awhile
But if this is my grave
Would you visit me babe
And maybe lay daisies inside

My heart goes "boom,boom,boom"
As I lay in my tomb
And I know I'll recover for my love of you


from FAWM 2017, released March 6, 2017
John Cooperider: music, mixing, mastering
Pinky: lyrics and vocals (New York)



all rights reserved


ZeCoop Kalamazoo, Michigan

I love playing music and keep learning new instruments. My songs are in a wide range of styles, from indie-rock to surf, to folk to rock to electronic... I never know. I record at home in a studio I put together in a spare room. I work (via the web) with a lot of vocal/lyric collaborators from all over the world.

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