Kiss You Now (ft Rob C and Tom S)

from by ZeCoop



I started this with a lone, fast, loud bass part, and sent it to Rob (who was going to send it to Tom Spademan in Flint, Michigan)... with the intention that this song was going to be an intense, fast, relentless punk song. Rob came back with an awesome and complex drum part that was much more melodic than what I had pictured, but still had lots of energy. We sent these two parts over to Tom, who we know from FAWM. Tom is an amazing musician, composer and performer and consistently writes some of the best songs that Rob and I have heard. We could not wait to hear what he came up with.

Once again, the song took a left turn and yet ended up better than either of us imagined. Tom added plenty of awesome loud guitars, but left the verses open for the rhythm section we had started.

From Tom:
(For the lyrics) I went to Tatoeba, which has lists of English sentences for ESL people sorted by number of syllables. The huge database includes all sorts of funny and weird sentences featuring Tom and Mary, oddly my name and my wife's, respectively. The first set I chose were so weird that I jettisoned them, since it sounded like a song about a serial killer.

Check out more music from Tom Spademan:


We walked as far as the park.
We played away in the park

He had to answer the phone.
He likes to talk on the phone.

It's great to see you again.
He lived here three years ago.
I quit a long time ago.
I'm going to kiss you now.

I hope you will call again.
I want to see it again.


***Some of the unused lines***

I'd like to hear your advice.
I've had a tough afternoon.
Where were you this afternoon?
Let's get together again.
Don't make me shoot you again. (The database is WEIRD)
I see you're at it again.

Did Tom break something again?
Did Tom steal something again?
Don't make me do it again.
Don't make me ask you again.
Tom asked for Mary's advice.
Tom and Mary kissed again.
Tom won't bother you again.

Don't let that happen again.
Tom lived here three years ago.
Tom left home ten years ago.
I got stabbed two years ago. (Seriously? These are supposed to be interesting sentences for ESL learners?)

I just can't deal with this now.


from FAWM 2017, released March 6, 2017
In the order of composition:
John Cooperider: Bass guitar
Rob Cooperider: Drums
Tom Spademan: Lyrics, electric guitar and vocals



all rights reserved


ZeCoop Kalamazoo, Michigan

I love playing music and keep learning new instruments. My songs are in a wide range of styles, from indie-rock to surf, to folk to rock to electronic... I never know. I record at home in a studio I put together in a spare room. I work (via the web) with a lot of vocal/lyric collaborators from all over the world.

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