Snakes Are Watching Me

from by ZeCoop



I haven't really gone too deep into my collection of 80's Casio and Yamaha keyboards, which have kind of been reproducing at night in my studio. They're around $10 often and I find ones that slightly different fun things to use.

This song started with a 1982 Casio MT-41 drum beat. I really like how old school the drum sounds are on this one, and the "fill" button gives you alternating 1/4 bass drum or 1/8 snare, so you can get lots of variation if you hit fill multiple times. It also has these cool bass note buttons, which I used for the low end of this song.

Next up was a 1981 Casio CT-360, which has full size keys and some cool sounds. I alternated between "Human Voice" and the aptly named "Synth Sound".

I always love adding reverb-y 12-string to add texture, so that was next. And then to give it a melody, I added my GEM combo organ.

And yes... I have three corn snakes in my studio, so there really are snakes watching me. They especially love when I play guitars, because of the vibrations.


from FAWM 2017, released March 6, 2017



all rights reserved


ZeCoop Kalamazoo, Michigan

I love playing music and keep learning new instruments. My songs are in a wide range of styles, from indie-rock to surf, to folk to rock to electronic... I never know. I record at home in a studio I put together in a spare room. I work (via the web) with a lot of vocal/lyric collaborators from all over the world.

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