Z​/​28 Stake​-​Out

from by ZeCoop



This song was composed with the sole purpose of using the last instruments in the studio that I had not used yet. The problem was that those three instruments were:

Volca Beats (I had not learned to program it yet)
Alesis DM-8 Pro Electronic Drum Set
...and My trusty OLD Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine

Kind of a challenge, using three different types of electronic drums, but I had an idea. I had recently watched a 1983 Missing Persons concert from the US festival and the poor bass player had to play each 1/8th note bass part on the bass synth with his fingers, so I'd try to make some sort of 80's sounding thing, and drag my Volca Bass in for the fun.

I programmed a simple beat on the Volca Beats and differentiated the Verse and Chorus by adding a little delay on the snare, live as I recorded it.
Then I selected an 808 electronic kit on the DM-8 and added some highlight hits in the verses and played during the choruses.
Last I added some reverse cymbal and pops with the SR16 drum machine.

I did my best imitation of a 1983 synth bass player (so know ahead of time there are LOTS of human timing issues... no MIDI programming here in my studio!

The Volca Bass is great just as an analog synth too, so I added some synth lines. Then I grabbed my 1987ish Yamaha PSS-170 and added more synth and in the chorus, turned on the awesome, RAD, portamento button for swoopy slides.

Last was my 1991 Gibson Les Paul Special for some very 80's clean, choppy, chorus-y guitar.

Since we are going with the 80's theme, and (to me) this song sounded like some sort of stakeout, I had to pick the classic 80's Chevy Camaro Z/28. Because I am Z and the day I wrote it was Feb 28th!!


from FAWM 2017, released March 6, 2017



all rights reserved


ZeCoop Kalamazoo, Michigan

I love playing music and keep learning new instruments. My songs are in a wide range of styles, from indie-rock to surf, to folk to rock to electronic... I never know. I record at home in a studio I put together in a spare room. I work (via the web) with a lot of vocal/lyric collaborators from all over the world.

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